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If I bought a game from the PSN US story, will it have Arabic as one of the languages?

Do games in the American PlayStation store (PSN) support Arabic?

From some of the Arabic online forum I frequent, I noticed that this question comes up very frequently. To the degree that every game is discussed in its own thread, someone would come and ask whether it will have Arabic if they bought it from the US PSN store. So I decided to write a dedicated post about it, so that anyone looking for the answer can easily find it.

The answer in a nutshell:- Games in the US PSN store rarely support Arabic So you better not buy from that store if you care about having Arabic in your games, and rather buy from one of the Middle East stores instead.

I don’t know the real reason behind this, but it’s probably because the people behind the PSN store doesn’t expect Arab to buy from a store that doesn’t belong to a one of the middle east countries.

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