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Fairy Apps

The Following are a list of the apps I created. Along with a link to the store version:-

Fairy PDF Reader

Fairy PDF Reader is a PDF reader that’s aims to provide you with the best reading experience on your iOS device. I created it for myself at first, and then continued to add features to it to make it more useful.

It features full keyboard support for almost anything, including turning pages, opening & closing documents, finding stuff on the PDF document, importing PDF files and more. It tries to imitate the desktop PDF reading experience on your iPad or iPhone for you to take it anywhere you go.

You can download Fairy PDF Reader from the following store link:-

Fairy PDF Reader has many other nifty features:-

  • It remembers the last book you opened, and allows you to continue reading it whenever you want. If the app was closed for whatever reason, the next time you open it, it will reopen the last PDF document where you stopped. This is quite useful in case you own an old iOS device with a low amount of memory.
  • Zoom & Lock feature:- A lot of PDF books tend to have large margins. The zoom & lock feature makes it easier to zoom in & take advantage of your iPad or iPhone screen real-estate. Once the zoom level is locked, you won’t be able to zoom in or out again until you unlock it again. Fairy PDF Reader will remember the last zoom setting you did separately for each book in your library, and it remembers it for both portrait & landscape modes separately. Other PDF readers allow you to zoom in to view your documents, but they make to harder to turn pages or maintain the page’s position on the screen.
  • The PDF Documents list is sorted based on the last book you opened, making it easier to open one of the last few books you read
  • Import PDF files from common cloud services. Like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.
  • Stores all the words you translated:- With the Translate & Save feature, any word you translate will be stored automatically, you can view these words and copy them for revision at any time you want to. This can quite helpful to expand your vocabulary or learning new languages.
  • Share PDF files from other applications:- You can export any PDF file you open in Safari or other apps & they will be directly imported to Fairy PDF Reader.
  • Find text in the documents you’re currently reading.
  • Smart tap detection:- Touching the lower part of the page won’t turn the page, this was added so you won’t turn the page by mistake while reading. The same goes to showing the options bar, you can easily hide it by tapping anywhere on the screen, but you need to tap on the upper part of the screen to show it, so you will unlikely show it by mistake. Unselecting text is also easy, just tap anywhere on the screen, and the selection will be gone. Generally speaking, taps & gestures are designed so that they won’t interfere with one another, or interfere with you while you’re focused on your book.
  • Go to any page quickly using the Go To Page window, you can either type the page number or move the slider, or you can simply tap on the + or – buttons to go to the next or previous page.
  • Scroll To Top disabled:- While in landscape mode, you can’t go to the beginning of the PDF document by tapping on the title bar, which is a common feature in iOS. This was done since it’s easy to trigger that feature by mistake. The “Go To Page” dialog is there to help you get to the beginning of the book if you like.

You can also read the full documentation of the app here

You can download Fairy PDF Reader from the following store link:-

BiteSize Kanji JLPT Flashcards

Bite Sized Kanji JLPT Flashcards make it easier to learn over 2,000, by dividing each of the JLPT kanji into smaller groups, each with 50 Kanji character at max. You can still study all the Kanjis at once in case you want to test your progress.

The app remembers the last kanji you studied, so that you could continue studying where you left off.

Bite Sized Kanji JLPT Flashcards fully supports iPad split screen mode, to make it easier to study while doing something else.

You can download BiteSize Kanji JLPT Flashcards from the following links:-

Free version (With ads):-

Paid version

Features List:-

  • Supports keyboard shortcuts, so you could use the left & right arrows in your keyboard to move between Kanjis.
  • Kanji Flashcards from JLPT N5 to N1.
  • Each level is divided into smaller sets, each set contains 50 Kanji character to easily study them.
  • If you like, you can study all the Kanji is a certain level (e.g. You can study all the N1 Kanji at once).
  • The app remembers the last kanji you studied, so that you could continue studying where you left off. This is useful in case the app had to reload after returning to it after some time of not using it.
  • Each flash card shows the Kanji character, its English meaning & reading, & both its On’yomi And Kun’yomi readings
  • Displays the index of the current Kanji you’re studying
  • Supports iPad split screen mode, so you could study Kanji while you are doing something else (your iPad needs to support that feature for this to work).

Free version (With ads):-

Paid version

Invisible Notes

Invisible Notes is meant to be a fun notes-taking app. It works just like any similar app, except that it allows you to hide most of what you’re typing. When the feature is activated, only the line you’re editing is shown, the rest of the text is shown as question marks (???? ?????). This feature can be disabled at anytime you want to read the whole text.

Invisible Notes has the look of the old iOS notes app, which I believe was so beautiful.

Invisible Note is completely free, with no ads or anything. I am not sure if anyone has a real use case for the app, but I am sure it can be fun to play with & show off to people.