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List of my favorite retro computing YouTube channels you may want to check out

Do You Like Retro Technology? Then You Should Check Out These Youtube Channels

I love watching retro computing YouTube channels. Something about seeing how technology used to be different is so appealing. The fact I lived some of the time when these technologies were cutting-edge makes me feel nostalgic about it, even when I see some of these technologies for the first time. That particularly goes for the 8-Bit Stuff, as I played many MSX games as a kid.

In this article, I will cover some of my favorite retro computer Youtubers, along with why I like each of them. I included a sample of some of the videos I liked from each channel. Bear in mind that I won’t try to cover every single retro Youtuber out there, but I am more than willing to expand the list once I get to watch more retro stuff on YouTube.

Now, let’s get started~

The 8-Bit Guy

Formerly known as the iBook Guy. The 8-Bit Guy, or David Murray, talks extensively about the Commodore 64 & the Vic-20. Giving how similar to the MSX they are, I found it appealing to learn about them & their peripherals. He also made a very good series documentary of the Commodore computers.

In the last few years, David got into game creating & design, starting from the game Planet X2 for the Commodore 64, which got a sequel for the MS-Dos called Planet X3. He recently released Attack of PETSCII Robots for various Commodore computers, along with the Apple II. He explains how he created each of these games in some of his videos.

David also has a second channel called The 8-Bit Keys, which features some of the older 8-Bit keyboards & music instruments. It’s quite fun to watch.

Some Of The 8-Bit Guy Videos I Liked


Do you like cassette tapes & audio technologies of all kinds. If so, chances that you will like Techmoan, since that’s what his channel is all about, from showing Hi-Fi systems to the history of cassette tapes. A while ago, he showcased a rare Philips large cassette & managed to make it work by fixing its player. His content is so unique compared to the other Youtubers in this list.

Some Of Techmoan Videos I Liked

There’s also a funny YTP video (YouTube Poop) featuring Techmoan with the 8-Bit Guy. Nothing in the video is serious, but it was so well-made that it deserves to be included here:-

The Obsolete Geek

I got to know about the Obsolete Geek through The 8-Bit Guy, as he borrowed some of his computers & showcased them in the past. He even appeared in many of his videos. So I checked out his channel, and I liked what I saw. He covers many retro gaming consoles, games & older computers

While The Obsolete Geek covers many good retro topic, his videos tend to be on the short side, which leaves me wanting for more. That makes his channel a good way to discover new retro stuff. It would help him if he got a better microphone.

Unfortunately, by the time of me writing this article, The Obsolete Geek hasn’t uploaded any new video for years.

Some Of The Obsolete Geek Videos I Liked


LGR, or Clint, is one of the primary retro computing Youtubers, if not the most primary one. He has a very easy-going & friendly personality, with a hint of sarcasm at times. He has two channels:- the main LGR channel & one called LGR Blerbs for uploading random stuff. The contents of the channels are similar, but the blerbs channel tends to have shorter videos with less editing, and where he gives himself more freedom to do all sorts of stuff.

In both channels, LGR covers all sorts of topic, from older computers, mostly from the Dos & Windows 95 era, to reviewing odd hardware that are failed or forgotten to the degree you never heard about them… He’s also known for his Tech Tales videos, where he recounts interesting parts of the history of technology, like the y2k problem or very old IRS computer that handled US taxes for decades. He does game reviews at times, and he’s good at them, but they are far from being the main focus of his channels.

If you like Doom, you will enjoy seeing Clint play it on all sorts of old hardware, along with other old games.

Some Of LGR Videos I Liked

Adrian Digital Basement

As the name suggest, this channel is about Adrian in his basement. Watching his channels feels like you’re accompanying him in his basement while he’s working on retro stuff. The long durations of the videos helps with that feeling.

Adrian fixes older computers & monitors, showcases different add-ons & accessories for commodore & older computers, many of them are sent to him by his viewers. I suggest you better check out his channel. It’s totally worth it.

Some Of Adrian Digital Basement Videos I Liked

Explaining Computers

I knew about Explaining Computers for years. This may not be exactly a retro computing channels per se, but Christopher Barnatt covered many older computers in his channel, so I decided to include it here

Christopher extensively covers Single Board Computers, from the Raspberry Pi to the Banana Pi. He makes many videos where he develop various applications with them, like watering a plant using a Raspberry Pi. He’s actually part of the reason I ended up buying my first Raspberry Pi, which I quite like. Another thing his channel covers is explaining various things about computers, like PCI sockets, different Linux distros, how the CPU works or how to upgrade or breathe new life into an old computer.

Some Of Explaining Computers Videos I Liked

Honorable Mentions

There are few other retro computing channels I watch from time to time, but not enough to include them in this list, but they may be to your liking. I will include some of them once I get to expand this list:-


Other that nostalgia, something about retro computing attracts me greatly. Maybe it’s also the ability to explore the history of computing, or to see these different Youtubers skillfully do things I can’t do. Either way, I am always happy to watch their contents.

If there are any retro computing Youtuber you think I should check out, feel free to tell me about it in the comments section.

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