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‎BiteSize Kanji JLPT Flashcards , learn Japanese Kanji one step at a time on your iPhone or iPad

What’s ‎Bitesize Kanji JLPT Flashcards About?

Learning Japanese characters, also known as Kanji, is an essential steps toward learning the Japanese language, and using flash cards is one way to learn them.. The thing is, since there are many of them, specially on the JLPT1 & JLPT2 levels, it can be hard to learn all of them at once. ‎BiteSize Kanji JLPT Flashcards aims at making that easier by allowing you to study 50 Kanji flash cards at a time. The app randomizes the 50 Kanji in the group you pick every time you study them.

‎BiteSize Kanji JLPT Flashcards displays each Kanji in a large font, with the English meaning below each character:-

‎BiteSize Kanji JLPT Flashcards is available on Apple’s App Store:-

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