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PS Plus Unofficial FAQs that answers your questions

Let Me Help You Understand How The PS Plus Service Works

PS Plus gives players many features, including the ability to play games online (although this used to be free), cloud backup for your save files, as well as free games each month, which are called “Instant Games Collection”, OGC, or simply PS Plus games. If you’re new to the service, there are many aspects about it you may be confused about. Sony already has an official FAQs for the service, but it doesn’t answer many of the questions people actually have on their minds, like how the free monthly games work, and whether you can keep them after the month is over or not, and many other things. That’s why I made this FAQs, which is self-made, and is mainly based on my experience dealing with PS Plus over the years. It contains many of the questions I see people ask over the years, but are not available in the official FAQs. It answers some others in more details. I hope it helps you understand how the subscription works.

When Are PS Plus Games Announced? And When They Become Available?

Usually, the games are available the first Tuesday of the month, and are announced the last Wednesday before it. Sometimes there are exceptions, like in case Sony postponed the announcement for some reason, which happened in the past.

So, unless the announcement was delayed, we can get the announcement and availability dates of PS-Plus for any month.

To give you an example, a quick look at the calendar shows us that the PS Plus games for May 2028 will be available on the 2nd of May, and will be announced on the 26th of April 2028.

If My Subscription Expired For Some Time, Then I Renewed My Subscription, Will I Be To Able Download & Play The Games Again?

Yes, and if you didn’t delete the games, the games will be playable right away. Any game you downloaded in the past then deleted, or you added them to your library will be downloadable again.

Can I Play The PS Plus Games Offline?

Yes, as long as your subscription is still valid. You can take your PS4 on a vacation, and play the PS Plus games, even without having an Internet connection. I did it many times. Just make sure your PS4 is set as the primary console for your account.

Are The Games Only Available For One Month? Or Will I Be Able To Play Them After The Month They Were Available Ended?

No, you can play the games at any time you want, as long as you are still subscribed to the service. For that to happen, you only have to add the games to your library. After that, you will be able to play them at any time you want, even after they are replaced by the games of the next month.

Should I Download The Games To Be Able To Have Them Forever?

No, downloading the games is optional. To get the games, you only need to add the games to your library (via the PSN store). If you are subscribed for a long time, and kept adding the games each month, you will end up with tens of games in your library, if not hundreds.

If you’re on the web store, there’s no “Add To Library” button, but that’s okay, make sure to check out your purchases, as if you’re buying the games for $0.

If My Subscription Expired, Will I Still Be Able To Play The Games?

No, once your subscription expires, a lock will appear on the games, and you won’t be able to launch it. Once you renew your subscription, the lock will be lifted, and the games will playable again.

If My Expiration Expired, And I Didn’t Renew It, And Then I Bought One Of The Plus Games, Will I Be Able To Play It? And Will I Have To Download It Again?

Yes to both. Buying the game will change the license from PS Plus license to ownership license, and the game will be unlocked immediately. After that, you won’t need to have a PS Plus subscription to play the game ever.

If I Deleted The Games, Will I Be Able To Redownloaded Them Again?

Yes, as long as you’re still subscribed, you will always be able to redownload the games again at any time you want.

Can I Play The PS Plus Games On Other Accounts?

Yes, but then you will have to set the PS4 you’re playing as your primary device for the account. This will make all the games you purchase or download via the account available to the other accounts in the PS4.

Here’s Sony’s guide on how to set your PS4 as primary for the account

A Final Word On PS Plus Faqs

While I am personally against paying to play online, there’s no way around it if you plan to play on console, no matter which device you buy. PS Plus is a must for online players, and it comes with other features, so I hope this post helped you understand the service better.

If you have any more questions regarding the PS Plus, feel free to ask me in the comments section. I will answer them if I knew the answer for them.

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